Empower Contracting

Empower Contracting was launched in 2010 to accommodate the increase demand in CPC's (Construction Products Holding Company – www.cpcholding.com) construction services.

Empower specializes in electrical and mechanical contracting but is positioning itself to provide turn-key solutions including low current systems and clinical engineering services.


Jeddah Branch

T (+966) 607 9356
F (+966) 265 93481
P.O Box :126902
Zip Code:Jeddah(+21652)
Address:King Abdul- Aziz Road,
Amalkis Building, 1st Floor
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh Branch

T: (+966) 140 65906
F: (+966) 140 65942
Address: Al - Ma’azar Road,
Futuro Tower, 3rd Floor
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia